Today by Jesus R.

Have you ever had one of those days

That nothing seemed to go right

It seemed the whole world was against you

But you kept smiling with all your might


Well, mine started with a soggy biscuit

Some burnt sausage, and a milk that was warm

Do I throw it away or eat it

Hmmm . . . the choices had me torn


So now I’m laying there tossing and turning

Cause I am unable to get back to sleep

I turn on my side and open my eyes

Only to see my celly’s crusty ass feet


So now as daybreak seeps through my window

I surrender hope of any more dreams

So I make myself a cup of coffee

Only to realize that I’m fresh out of cream


Then I decide to head to the shower

With my hygiene and clean clothes in tow

But I had to cut my shower short

Cause Fuck ­– I dropped the soap


As I dry off and get dressed

And as I’m heading back to my cell

A single thought crosses my mind ­–

Why I hate being in jail


Lunch time rolls around

I grab a tray and find my seat

Only to discover that

It’s missing the sandwich meat


So I head outside for some fresh air

Since it seems that I can’t win for losing

I bake in the sun and have a few laughs

Cause watching MHMR play ball is amusing


As dinner time summons us inside

It puts an end to the MHMR games

As high fives go all around

I wonder if they know they’re insane


As the officer has us rack up

Before he has us fall out in line

I can’t help but wonder

What’s wrong with my tray this time


Everything seemed fine

So I decided to head to my seat

Only to discover that this time

There’s someone’s hair in my meat


As the day comes to an end

I go lay on my bunk

Suddenly there’s a knock on my door

A Thunk . . . Thunk . . . Thunk


I get up to se who it is

Thinking Can this day get any worse?

When I realize that it’s only Lil Red

with his weird ass little purse


He says “I know you’re not having a good day

So please don’t yell at me

But the officer keeps calling your name

I think you should go see”


So I make my way across the dayroom

Thinking of what he has to say

The officer looks at me and smiles

And says “This letter came for you today”


My gloomy day turned sunny

Cause sunshine always prevails

Thanks to you my sweetheart

My name was called for mail


So I raise my coffee cup in a toast

May our friendship never run afoul

I treasure every letter I get from you

Cause you’re more than just a Pen Pal

Murphy Anne Carter