The Girl to the Left was Left By Vanesah

I.               This may be a shot in the dark, but I wanted to see if you remembered a specific trip, or lack of a trip, to the Wild Animal Park, in the spring of 1999.

II.             I know, I know, it’s a lot to ask…and you can say no, but golly it would be nice to know.

III.           To refresh you memory, in the spring of 1999, Valley Lindo Elementary took their second graders on a trip, a field trip, to the Wild Animal Park. And yes, it was different than the time at the zoo. It was not your own doing, but the bus, your bus, it left without me. Again, I say, it’s not your fault; kids in uniforms do look the same, especially those whom live next to the border.

IV.            Anyway, I must have seen a butterfly or something shiny and wondered after it. I was left alone, but did not feel lonely. Nor did I notice, well notice right away…

V.              I think of this often, mainly because this would be the first of many times I was left and got lost. 

Murphy Anne Carter